Candy Shack Daiquiris



Candy Shack Daiquiris come in 13 classic flavors and countless mixes that will surely get the party started. Topped with an assortment of candies and garnishes, our drinks may look like child’s play… but they pack a strong punch!


Try our newly expanded menu of Candy Shack bites. Now serving tasty appetizers and full course meals, such as our famed Chicken and Waffles. You may come for the daiquiris, but you won’t be able to resist what we’re cooking up!

Opening Hours

Monday 2 - 12
Tuesday 2 - 12
Wednesday 2 - 12
Thursday 2 - 12
Friday 12 - 12
Saturday 12 - 12
Sunday 12 - 12

Really good daiquiris... best I've had. Well blended, flavor is good. And many options! Creamy Crack is bomb. But my favs are Tropical Passion, Baby Mama Drama and Incredible Hulk.

Brett Brinkly


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